Aberdeen to install stop signs on Shepherd Trail

Intersections to become three-way stops

ABERDEEN — The Aberdeen Town Board tackled road and financial matters at its meeting on Monday, Sept. 25.

The meeting kicked off with the Aberdeen Police Department swearing in two new officers, Jose Zapol and Seanessey O’Dowd.

The board approved the installation of two stop signs at Shepherd Trail intersections in response to residents’ concerns about speeding.

“A few weeks ago, we received phone calls from concerned residents within Shepherd Trail,” said Director of Public Works Joe Wood. “We’ve had this problem, several phone calls over the past few years… Shepherd Trail is being used as a shortcut from Roseland Road to Highway 5. They’re speeding through the area. I know it’s posted as 25 miles per hour. The PD has been posted there enforcing the current speed limit, but they just cannot be there all the time.”

The new stop signs will be located at the intersections of Shepherd Trail with Lacey Lane and Mulberry Place, creating a three-way stop at each location.

“I think this is a great idea, and it will help the neighborhood,” said Mayor Robbie Farrell.

The board also approved a budget amendment to acquire and utilize funding through the general fund.

“[The funding] for the right-of-way acquisition revenue that we expect to see and it is two parts,” said Finance Director Butch Watson. “They are buying our property so they have provided us money, and we expect that to be around $390,000 total. $215,000 for Highway 211 and $175,000 for US 1.”

The board also approved the expenditure of funds related to the new sportsplex.

“In December 2020, the town signed an agreement to enter into a lease contract for the [sportsplex] to be built and for us to buy it at a future date no later than December 2023 in addition to two additional acres at $10,000 per acre,” Watson said.

The total cost of the amendment, which includes the purchase of the building, the land, and additional legal costs, amounts to $325,000.

The Aberdeen Town Board will meet again on Oct. 23.

By Ryan Henkel, North State Journal

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