Carthage Elementary 3rd-grade teacher honored

Ms. Blake named Burroughs Wellcome Fund teacher of the year

CARTHAGE — Jennifer Blake, a third-grade teacher at Carthage Elementary School, has been named the 2024 Burroughs Wellcome Fund Teacher of the Year for the Sandhills Region

The announcement, a surprise event in her classroom, celebrated Ms. Blake’s outstanding contributions to education and her dedication to making a positive impact on her students’ lives.

“One must love teaching enough to survive it. You have to get excited when those little ‘light bulb’ moments happen,” Blake said. “You have to be reflective and willing, not only to make changes but also to embrace mistakes when they happen.”

Inspired by influential teachers from her own past, Ms. Blake expressed her passion for teaching and emphasized the importance of embracing challenges and learning from mistakes.

Superintendent Dr. Tim Locklair praised Blake’s commitment and dedication.

“I am so proud of Ms. Blake and honored to be a part of this special recognition that embodies the hard work and dedication Ms. Blake exemplifies in her third-grade classroom and at Carthage Elementary School,” Locklear said in a press release. “Our students and staff are fortunate to have such an excellent and dedicated teacher like Ms. Blake to look up to and represent the Sandhills Region in the quest to become the North Carolina Teacher of the Year.”

Blake, previously named the Moore County Schools Teacher of the Year, now advances to compete for the title of North Carolina Teacher of the Year. Interviews for the state title will take place in February, with the winner announced in April 2024.

By A.P. Dillon

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