Moore could gain seven new road names

The county commissioners had a quiet meeting on April 2
The Moore County Board of Commissioners meets for its regular business meeting on April 2, 2024.

The Moore County Board of Commissioners met Tuesday, April 2, approving a number of agenda items for future consideration including the naming of seven new roads.

Per county ordinance, no new roads in unincorporated Moore County can be created without the approval of the board. The roads, which will be privately maintained, will be considered for approval at the April 16 meeting.

They are Bluestone Drive, Candace Lane, Cross Arrow Way, Freida May Lane, Nancy Court, October Road and Palmer Grey Court.

Another item was to tweak the UDO to make clear that the use of a personal workshop or storage building, for residential use, was not prohibited in the Urban Transition sub-district within the Highway Corridor Overlay District.

In other words, the county is seeking to clarify that it’s only commercial workshops that are prohibited in that particular sub-district, not residential ones.

The board also set a hearing for a system development fee analysis that will be held May 21.

“This is for Moore County Public Utilities and the Water Pollution Control Plant,” said public works director Randy Gould. “We collect system development fees in accordance with general statutes and those enable us to do projects and pay back our debt service. That’s what the general statute allows us to use the money for.”

According to Robert Sills of Nelsnick Enterprises, a city planning and instructional design services company, back in 2017, North Carolina allowed wastewater utilities to charge a system development fee against development to pay for their fair share of capacity costs.

Finally, the board approved the expansion of the Town of Pinebluff fire department’s medium duty rescue services to unincorporated areas.

“Pinebluff Fire Department has obtained their medium-duty rescue status and the municipality has assigned them to doing it within their municipal limits,” said public safety director Bryan Phillips. “Previously, the Pine Forest unincorporated area of Pinebluff was covered by Aberdeen. Now, Pinebluff is doing it in their municipal limits and they’re wanting to do it in their unincorporated fire district that we have assigned them on the fire district maps.”

The Moore County Board of Commissioners will next meet April 16.

By Ryan Henkel

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