Moore farms report shows dynamics of county agriculture

2017 USDA data highlights shifts in farming practices in the county

The latest USDA Agricultural Census report, examining the agricultural landscape in Moore County for the year 2017, reveals significant changes since 2012, shedding light on the local farming community’s resilience and adaptation.

The report offers a detailed look into various aspects of agriculture in the county, provides valuable insights into the slow-moving agricultural market in Moore County. The Moore County report indicates a slight increase in the number of farms, now totaling 733, and an increase in the average farm size to 122 acres. This development is noteworthy, especially considering the reduction in farm numbers and land in some neighboring counties.

Economic aspects of Moore County’s agriculture showed mixed results. The total market value of agricultural products sold decreased by 7%, while the net cash farm income saw a substantial 83% rise. This economic shift indicates a complex landscape of challenges and opportunities within the farming sector.

In terms of production, livestock, poultry, and related products continue to form the backbone of Moore County’s agricultural economy, accounting for 88% of the total sales. The land use is primarily divided between woodland (40%) and cropland (32%), reflecting a diverse agricultural practice in the county.

The report also provides a demographic breakdown of farm producers, detailing their age, sex, race, and practices, including organic farming. This data offers a comprehensive view of the farming community’s makeup, vital for understanding the changing face of agriculture in Moore County.

As Moore County’s agricultural sector evolves, understanding these trends becomes crucial. The USDA Census data not only highlights the economic and environmental shifts in local farming but also underscores the adaptability of Moore County’s farmers in the face of changing market dynamics.

By North State Journal Staff

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