More than 7,000 cast early votes across Moore

Local turnout similar to statewide numbers

7,093 voters cast ballots in early voting in Moore County for this week’s primary, according to numbers from the North Carolina Board of Elections.

Early voting began Feb. 15 and finished last Saturday, March 2.

The primary was held Tuesday, when voters are required to report to their designated precinct in order to cast a ballot. A photo ID was also required for all voting in the primary.

Moore County has 75,437 registered voters according to the state, reflecting a 9.4 percent early turnout — almost matching the 9.3 percent turnout seen statewide, with 694,591 ballots cast out of 7,468,149 eligible voters.

Of the approximately 75,000 voters in Moore County, some 15,000 are registered Democrat, 31,000 are registered Republican plus 28,500 unaffiliated. In North Carolina, unaffiliated voters can choose to receive a primary ballot from either party.

By Lauren Rose

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