Pinehurst approves rezoning and annexations for residential developments

PINEHURST – The Village of Pinehurst Council met Tuesday, Jan. 23, addressing a rezoning request, annexation petition and other business.

First up was a request to rezone 32.14 acres of property, off Chicken Plant Road, from medium density residential zoning (R-30-CZ) to a low density residential and light agricultural district (R-210).

“[The property] is vacant with one home now currently under construction that has been permitted,” said planning director Alex Cameron. “The development proposal would eventually be for two other residential homes along with the one that is under construction now with lots that are 10+ acres in size each.”

The council approved the request.

Next was a voluntary annexation petition for 14.263 acres of property located in the Village’s ETJ east of NC Highway 5 fronting Blake Boulevard and Olivia Lane otherwise known as the Pinehurst South Cottages.

“The current zoning and land use for the property is R-5, so it’s a high-density residential zoning,” Cameron said. “The proposed development will be for a 38-lot, single-family, residential subdivision.”

“About three years ago, the Village council approved a preliminary plat for the 38-lot, single-family residential subdivision,” Cameron went on. “The required infrastructure is still being installed, it’s largely complete and is being inspected and reviewed by our technical review committee. Once the infrastructure is fully completed and has been inspected for compliance, a final plat may be approved and that’s what will ultimately create all those lots.”‌

This request was also approved.

Finally, the council approved a resolution amending its purchasing policy and procedures around the distribution of federal funds to support its role as lead agency for the Sandhills Metropolitan Planning Organization.

The Village of Pinehurst Council will next meet Feb. 13.

By Lauren Rose

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