Pinehurst opens hiring for new village manager

The new village manager is expected to begin in November
The Village of Pinehurst Council met Tuesday, March 26 for its regularly scheduled business meeting. (Left to Right: Village Manager Jeff Sanborn, Mayor Pro Tem John Taylor, Mayor Patrick Pizzella, Barb Ficklin, Jack Farrell. Jeff Morgan (above screen) attended the meeting remotely)

Pinehurst will have a new village manager before the close of 2024 according to a timeline adopted by the Village of Pinehurst Council at its regular meeting on March 26.

Current Village Manager Jeff Sanborn announced his intention to resign effective October 25, so the goal is to have his replacement start in November.

“Leading our exceptional Village staff has been one of the most rewarding professional experiences I have had in my life,” Sanborn said in the Feb. 29 press release announcing his upcoming departure. “I know that we have the right people and systems in place to ensure continued success after I am gone.”

The timeline calls for the position to be posted from April through May 31, with the council reviewing applications — in closed session and sending advancing candidates a series of supplemental questions. Finally, candidates will be picked for interviews between July 22 through August 4, with the final candidates picked and given an offer by September. The hope is to get the offer signed, complete a background check and vote on the chosen candidate in open session by October. The new village manager would then begin in November after Sanborn departs.

The council has chosen to do the hiring itself rather than with a headhunter, and Sanborn will be working to get a list of candidates together so the council can choose his replacement.

“When the listing closes… we’ll put together a tentative list of qualified candidates for you,” Sanborn said. “We will be giving you a product in the form of a binder that has all the applications on top for the people we thought were the most qualified candidates, and everybody else would be behind that for your own review. The process, if you agree with that methodology, should allow for that time to go through a detailed analysis of all the applications and put together something for you.”

“If we need to take more time, it’s a critically important hire, so we should do that,” said Mayor Pro Tem John Taylor.

The position is currently posted on the Village of Pinehurst’s website and applications are open until May 31.

The job is in charge of all municipal operations, developing and implementing budgets, policies, intergovernmental relations and other administrative activities under the direction of the elected Council.

“The employee works to develop organizational values, principles, and climate conducive to organizational excellence as well as programs and processes to enhance organizational efficiency and effectiveness,” the job listing reads. “Work requires sensitivity to the needs of the total municipal organization, advising Council, citizens and Village staff on a wide range of issues and programs, and use of sound judgment in maintaining confidentiality.”

Potential hires are expected to have a master’s degree in urban planning, public or business administration, political science or a closely related field, and a minimum of five years of progressively responsible experience in the field of city or county administration, business administration, public planning, public works or public finance or an equivalent combination of education and experience.

The Council will next meet on April 9.

By Ryan Henkel

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