Pinehurst warns downtown businesses on public trash cans

Commercial trash in public garbage cans on the rise

PINEHURST — The Village sent a letter to the downtown business community last week to remind business owners to not use public garbage cans for commercial trash.

“Village staff has noticed increased commercial trash being placed in the Village’s public receptacles scatter throughout downtown,” the message read. “This trash has included boxes, papers, food containers, etc., with the names of several downtown businesses on the garbage itself.”

In some instances, the trash receptacles have been overflowing with so much commercial garbage that they aren’t able to be used by the public. The missive didn’t name names, but the message was clear: take your trash elsewhere.

It cites several parts of the Pinehurst municipal code, including:

Section 50.02 (C): “The Village will not collect and remove solid waste generated by non-residential properties in the corporate limits of the Village. The removal of solid waste from non-residential properties shall be the responsibility of the owner of the property, tenant, or other agent.”

50.03 (A): “All commercial and other nonresidential properties shall provide themselves with a dumpster or other appropriate garbage receptacle. Garbage collection service for those establishments shall not be provided by the Village.”

50.06 (A): “It is the declared policy of the Village that public receptacles are there for the convenience of the public who use the streets so that they may deposit items of garbage therein rather than litter the streets of the Village. The public receptacles are not for the purpose of dumping large quantities of garbage.”

The letter ends by asking downtown businesses to “dispose of their trash in a manner consistent with the Village’s Municipal Code requirements,” while also thanking them for their efforts to keep downtown a “clean and beautiful place to work, shop, and visit.

By Jordan Golson

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