U.S. Open at Pinehurst: How will residents be impacted?

he village of Pinehurst plans to continue with business as usual. Businesses will be open, and residential services, such as trash pick up, will continue on the regular schedule. Some parks and recreation facilities may have limited or no parking.

The Village Center will have 3-hour parking restrictions from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM, and officials say time limits will be strictly enforced. Street parking will also be prohibited on roads close to Pinehurst, including Azalea Road, Campbell Road, Cherokee Road, Chinquapin Road, Community Road, Craig Road, Dalyrmple Road, Dundee Road, Everett Road, Fields Road, Kelly Road, Laurel Road, Magnolia Road, McIntyre Road (Woods Road to Short Road), Monticello Drive (Hwy #5 to Blake Blvd.), Palmetto Road, Shaw Road SE, Short Road (East and West of Page Road), and Woods Road.

Some roads close to the club will also be closed to through traffic.

The intersection of Pine Tree Road and NC-5 is closed. Access to and from Pine Tree Road will only be allowed from St Andrews Road. Residents of condominium complexes with driveway access off of Pine Tree Road will be issued a resident pass by their condo association to access their homes.

Morganton Road is closed from NC-5 to Doral Drive. All residents living west of the Morganton Road/ Monticello Drive intersection will be issued a resident parking pass.

By North State Journal Staff

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