Rep. Ted Budd meets with restaurant owners in Asheboro and Burlington

ASHEBORO — Two restaurants in Asheboro and Burlington received a visit from Rep. Ted Budd (R-NC13) today as “Help Wanted” signs have become an increasingly more prevalent sight across the state.

Budd talked with owners and workers at the Golden Corral in Asheboro and the Biscuitville in Burlington about the ongoing labor shortage and the importance of ending the current federal stay at home unemployment bonus.

“The federal government’s enhanced unemployment payment of $300 extra dollars each week has incentivized workers to stay at home and not get back into the workforce. Essentially, these additional payments constitute a stay at home bonus,” said Budd in a statement. “Worse yet, it forces local restaurants to compete against the federal government for wages. That’s not a fair fight.”

Recently, Asheboro restaurant Dixie III was unable to open due to a worker shortage. The 40-year mainstay has announced it’s closing next week.

Joining Budd were members of the N.C. Restaurant and Lodging Association, as well as State Senator Amy Galey (R-Alamance).

Budd’s visit coincides with the report on U.S. Job figures for August, which fell far short of the estimated 750,000 mark, with only 235,000 jobs added for the month.

“The federal government should be on the side of our job-creators, not competing against them,” said Budd. “The best thing we can do for our workers and our economy is to end this backwards incentive and help get folks back into good-paying jobs.”​

By Randolph Record

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