Vandercook runs unaffiliated for county commissioner

Phil Vandercook of Whispering Pines has filed as a candidate for Moore County Commissioner for District 1 in the November 8, 2022, general election. 

Although he is currently registered as a Republican, Vandercook has chosen to run as unaffiliated. He has collected almost 3400 signatures to reach the required 2924 approved signatures, representing 4% of Moore County registered voters, in order to be included on the November ballot.

“The conservative voters in Moore County are increasingly unaffiliated. This shows their awareness, independence, and distancing from divisive partisanship. Moore County residents want strong, conservative leaders who set sustainable policy and who work diligently to find the best solutions that benefit everyone. They want leaders who put taxpayer interests and people ahead of politics,” says Vandercook.

“What I bring to the table as a 32-year Field Grade Officer within the Army Special Forces is that I am an expert in strategic long-range planning. One of the main issues that a lot of residents share within Moore County is the growth that everyone is seeing. 

“The question is how do we responsibly grow as a county; growth that is planned and well thought out, while protecting the individual land owners, farmers, business owners, and our natural recourses all at the same time? The answer is to first follow the 2013 Unified Development Ordnance, have it updated as needed, and by holding roundtable discussions with all the stakeholders involved to ensure everyone’s concerns are being addressed. We are small community–we can, and we must talk to our neighbors to achieve stability and prosperity as a county.” 

Ultimately, Vandercook said his platform is centered around serving all areas of Moore County, a common-sense approach to growth and essential services expansion, and reducing the division across party lines for long-term solutions. 

Friends and family joined Vandercook at the filing, many of whom had helped him secure the required signatures in a record time of just two months. Vandercook recently retired from the Army, serving 19 years as an enlisted Soldier achieving the rank of Master Sergeant, followed by another 13 years as an officer with the rank of Major. He is also active in numerous local veterans’ organizations and is the commander of American Legion Post 12 in Carthage. 

If elected, he will be the first successful run as an unaffiliated for a Moore County commissioner seat.

By North State Journal Staff

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