Aberdeen to partially close Elm Street for DOT project

New kiosk to be installed downtown

ABERDEEN — The Aberdeen Town Board met Monday, May 22, with a handful of property and public works items on the agenda.

The board held a public hearing for an annexation request for 1.4 acres of property located north of Roseland Road and west of Carolina Street.

“This resident is basically experiencing septic failure, they have a current septic tank, and they are within 500 feet of our town utilities which would require annexation,” said Planner Danielle Orloff. “This will remain the same zoning and is just for utilities for the homeowner.”

The resident will also pay for the connection fee from the property to the town’s sewer system, according to Orloff.

Following the hearing, the board approved the request.

The board then approved a resolution to accept a financial guarantee for infrastructure improvements for Sandy Springs Phase 3A in the amount of $183,882.53.

“The developer has been working with the town and their final plat. They’re at the stage now where they would like to apply to have the financial guarantee accepted for just sidewalks,” Orloff said. “The other infrastructure has been discussed with public works and will absolutely be completed and accepted by public works before the final plat is issued. So, this would be the last step if this is approved so that the developer can start to go ahead in the Sandy Springs Development Phase 3A.”

The board also approved a conceptual design for a kiosk to be installed in downtown Aberdeen.

“The kiosk design is called The Pulse and is one of their kiosks that they mass develop that have been all around the world,” said Planning Director John Terziu. “The positive on this one is that this one is going to be more durable and last longer because it comes in an aluminum shell. But the negative side of that is that it’s a little bit bigger. It’s about 90 inches in height and 32 inches wide, and the depth is 14 inches.”

The kiosk will have a sleek and modern look with an aluminum shell, tempered anti-reflective glass, an industrial grade PC, modular sides, UPS Battery backup, internal power with surge protection, and will feature a digital touch screen with a map of the downtown area.

The final cost for the kiosk and its installation is $16,736.28.

“The DOT is moving Southern Pines’ main water line on an alternate alignment and relocating some of our utilities along Elm Street and Poplar Street.”

Harold Watts, Director of Public Works

The board then approved a resolution ratifying, accepting and approving the amended charter resolution of the Central Pines Regional Council, formerly the Triangle J Council of Governments.

“Triangle J has been working on rebranding its charter since May of 2022,” said Commissioner Wilma Laney. “The new name for Triangle J COG will become Central Pines Regional Council. This has been known as the Triangle J Council of Governments for years, and the rebranding will make it seem more inclusive because we all know what we think about when we say the Triangle. We’re going to rebrand it, and it will be more inclusive.”

“There’s a number of these across the state (17), and it’s kind of a collection of towns that have sort of similar interests. And that’s why they have these designations in different regions,” said Mayor Robert Farrell. “I know this town has used the services in the past, but they’re always ready to answer questions or send someone down to speak with us.”

Finally, the board approved a partial road closure on Elm Street for through traffic in conjunction with NCDOT’s realignment program of underground utilities on US-1.

“The DOT is moving Southern Pines’ main water line on an alternate alignment and relocating some of our utilities along Elm Street and Poplar Street because of that movement and in anticipation for after the US Open and starting the Super Street project,” said Director of Public Works Harold Watts.

The Aberdeen Town Board will next meet June 26.

By Ryan Henkel, North State Journal

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