Asheboro blacksmith wins competition on reality show

ASHEBORO – Chris Moss kept his secret since last spring. When the answer was revealed, it was rewarding for the Asheboro man.

Moss was the winner of an episode of “Forged in Fire,” which aired Wednesday night on the History Channel.

Pictured is Chris Moss, who was recently featured on History Channel’s “Forged in Fire.”

“I’ve been sitting on it for nine months,” Moss said. “I kind of wish I could have told people. It was a great thing.”

In the final challenge for the show, Moss made a two-handed battle sword that was a replica from Southeast Asia.

“I had four days to make it,” Moss said of the sword, which was 4 inches at his widest part and 30 inches long.

Four bladesmiths competed in a three-round elimination contest to forge bladed weapons, with the overall winner receiving $10,000 and the show’s championship title “Forged in Fire Champion.”

The first two rounds were held in Connecticut. The top two entrants as determined by judges were given a final challenge, though they returned to their respective homes to produce that. Then they traveled back to Connecticut for the judging.

The sword made by Moss passed the test based on strength and other factors. It was defect-free.

“For most of it, I was competing against myself,” Moss said of the motivation to excel in the competition.

Moss was joined by about 30 family and friends for a watch party of the History Channel episode.

“It was a lot more enjoyable (because I won),” he said.

There’s no additional round to advance to as part of “Forged in Fire,” though Moss will cherish the bragging rights that accompany his victory. He was part of the 200th edition of the show. “Forged in Fire” debuted in 2015.

Moss said he’d be interested in participating if there turns out to be a champions round or a reunion episode that brings back past winners.

Moss, 34, is self-employed as a manufacturer consultant. His company is

By Bob Sutton

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