HUDSON: Back to school season in the Sandhills

What would you do with an extra $700 in your pocket each month? 

Unfortunately, that is the cost of  “Bidenomics” and inflation—but it shouldn’t have to be that way. 

The opportunity to work hard and pursue a better life for your family has always been at the bedrock of our nation. However, inflation continues to make it difficult for hardworking families to make ends meet and afford goods and services. 

Did you know the average American household now spends $709 more a month than they did two years ago for the same goods and services? Average monthly mortgage payments are 92% higher than one year ago, while ​​real wages are down 3% since President Biden took office. President Biden continues to ignore the real impacts of his failed economic policies, and I share these frustrations with you—especially as a fellow parent preparing my child for a new school year.  

As school resumes here in the Sandhills, it is estimated that parents will spend an average of $890 per household on school supplies due to continued high levels of inflation. Binders and folders cost 48% more than they did last year, and crayons and highlighters are up an average of 18.6% from last year. Enough is enough, and House Republicans are working to get our nation and your quality of life back on track. 

In addition to increased financial stress, the start of a new school year for many parents also represents uncertainty of what is being taught in their kids’ classrooms. Earlier this year House Republicans introduced and passed H.R. 5, the Parents Bill of Rights, to strengthen the role of parents in the education of their children by guaranteeing the right to full transparency on what is being taught in schools.  

Bottom line: your family shouldn’t have to pay the price for President Biden’s and Washington Liberal’s failed financial policies and woke education agenda. However, Senate Democrats continue to delay any actions on the real solutions passed by the House—which speaks volumes about their priorities for Americans.  

No matter what your politics are, your hard earned money and quality of your children’s education should not be treated as a political chess match. Parents deserve a seat at the table when it comes to their children’s education, and I am proud to fight for parents’ right to know what their children are being taught.  

From passing legislation to get our economy back on track to standing up for parents—House Republicans have delivered results on the promises we made in our Commitment to America. As your Congressman, I’m fighting back against reckless spending and promoting common sense solutions that make life easier—and more affordable—for you and your family. 

By Rep. Richard Hudson

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