HUDSON: Democrats’ ludicrous claim that most expensive bill in history will cost $0

Freedom is under attack.

Liberal politicians in Washington think they know what’s best for you when it comes to your health care, what your children are learning in school, what kind of car you should drive, and how you spend the money in your bank account.

Their reckless spending has already led to skyrocketing inflation. Unfortunately, Washington Democrats are doing everything they can to advance trillions more in government spending and new taxes that will transform our society and only make inflation worse.

Last week, Democrats worked to advance their $3,5000,000,000,000 infrastructure bill. Only 10% of this bill goes to roads, bridges and traditional infrastructure. Their $3.5 trillion boondoggle includes $2.1 trillion in tax increases, funds abortions, includes radical Green New Deal climate provisions, and opens the door to amnesty for 8 million illegal immigrants.

President Biden and Speaker Pelosi have made the claim that this spending bill — the largest in the history of the United States — will cost $0. That is ludicrous. By the way, if this was true, then why do they need to raise the debt ceiling?

The left-leaning Tax Policy Center determined the bill will result in a tax hike for 75% of middle-class families next year.

In reality, this bill includes a 33% tax increase on 1.4 million small businesses, affecting 12.5 million American workers. The left-leaning Tax Policy Center determined the bill will result in a tax hike for 75% of middle-class families next year. The Joint Committee on Taxation found that within 10 years, 66% of the tax burden from raising the business tax would be on lower and middle-class workers. The National Association of Manufacturers released a study showing the tax increase would cost one million jobs in two years. The bill would lead to your monthly utility bills costing more. And finally, it adds $17 trillion to our national debt to be paid for by your children and grandchildren.

I oppose this agenda because of the extreme cost to you and your family. We must make common-sense investments in our roads, bridges, highways and broadband. But we must also work to grow our economy and get people back to work. Exploding the size of our federal government and its control over your life does not help achieve that goal. 

While Democrats push to advance their agenda, last week I worked to defend our Second Amendment.

The annual National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) funds our entire Defense Department for the year. It included pay raises for our troops and provisions I secured for Fort Bragg. However, this year’s defense bill is not a perfect bill. I strongly opposed Democrats, who just like last year, inserted a section on Red Flag laws that threaten the Second Amendment rights of our servicemembers. Like last year, I am leading efforts to ensure these provisions are removed. Last week, 160 of my colleagues joined my push to ensure Red Flag laws are stripped from the final bill. I appreciate their support and will continue this fight until the bill is finalized.

And finally, it seems only one person has been punished over the botched Afghanistan withdrawal. Unfortunately, it is Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller, a Marine who spoke out against President Biden’s deadly withdrawal. I reached out to Lt. Col. Scheller when he was relieved of his command as a result. Then last week, it was reported he was detained indefinitely without being charged with a crime or receiving a trial date for posting on social media. I wrote to the secretary of the Navy last week with urgent questions about his status, because our men and women in uniform deserve due process.

There are many challenges before Congress right now. Yet rest assured I will work to provide common-sense solutions that work for you and your family and will always stand in the way of reckless spending and bigger government.

By Rep. Richard Hudson

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